Customer Love

We love our customers and love their appreciation for Zylberschtein’s Delicatessen and Bagel Club! Thank you!

Bagel club has been a bright spot in our week during the pandemic. There is usually not enough leftovers to share but we have definitely recommended to friends! The chive cream cheese fabulous! ~ Cody

Bagel Club has been amazing for the HOLE family! We keep our bagels safe with LOX! Thanks for EVERYTHING Zylberschtein! ~ Dylan D.

I tell my friends that the most on-brand self care I have done for myself during the entire pandemic is to join bagel club. Cant be sad on bagel delivery day! ~ Sascha

Love being part of Bagel Club. It’s been therapeutic for me as well. I have horrible anxiety with my biggest trigger being germs which you can imagine is not good right now during the pandemic. About a year ago, I was having issues leaving the house and quickly going down the road to be 100% agoraphobic and never leave the house. My therapist recommended that I get out of the house once a week to start and then the email about Bagel Club came through my email. I signed up to so that not only could we get great bagels but also so that I could do my once a week therapy. Getting comfortable leaving the house to pick up our bagels helped me venture out more and we get to enjoy the awesome bagels and other Zylberschtein’s goodness! ~ Anonymous

My weekly bagels are a consistent certainty in the uncertain world of 2020. After the closing on my childhood bagel place in West Seattle, Zatz, there has been a bagel-shaped void in my life and Zylberschtein’s has fill that void. ~ Dylan K.

We love the bagel club! Been a great way for us to get more of the staples we love from Zylberschtein and a way to try new flavors of bagels and cream cheeses. Even shared with some friends from the east coast who swear it’s the best bagel in Seattle! ~ Adi

We love the Bagel Club! It’s so nice to be able to enjoy delicious baked goods even when we can’t pop into the shop–“bagel day” is always a bright spot that breaks the monotony of COVID routines. ~ Taryn

The bagels and spreads are fantastic!! Increasing to weekly. ~ Patty

It’s been overall just awesome! Everything you guys makes turns out to be just exceptional. Having access to truly fresh bagels is a very special thing. ~ Aubrey